April 01, 2020

Poetry, Prayers, and Encouragement

Man of Many Colors

A word
A man of colors
His beaten body
The color of every man

Shredded and torn
A bowed head
Crowned with thorns

No man was ever as this man
The only begotten Son of God

Redemption has a name
and it is
Jesus Christ, the Messiah.


There is a love
Deeper than the ocean
Where you may drown
Yet be born again
Where the Holy Air you receive
Is blown over and into you
killing the old you,
yet birthing a new life within
Where reaching bottom
Is not obtainable
For His love is and always will be
without measure.


Christ's blood redeemed
and covered her
Each sin and shame atoned for.

Even as her mouth declared
I made a mistake
My sins are many
I was wrong.

Do you still love me?
Yes,Christ replied,
You are my lovely Bride.
Though your sins be as scarlet,
They shall be white as snow.

The Wind

The Wind is free
And I a song bird in colors bold
Flying swiftly, catching each faint breeze
Gathering at times, scattering at times
Bearing precious seed
Fly faithful ones
The Wind doth call to thee.


Laughter was heard
The stone rolled away
A crown of thorns laid aside
Beside the puddles of blood
Whereby an abyss
of lost souls had been set free.
Even now the blood of Christ
calls for thee.

Of Salt and Light

A walk on the beach
The sound of gulls
Waves lapping
The pungent taste
Of briny air upon your lips
Bits and pieces
Memories stored
Of joy released
And visited anew.

Breath of Life 

There is a love
Deeper than the ocean
Where you may drown
Yet be born again
Where the Holy Air you receive
Is blown over and into you
Killing the old you,
Yet birthing a new life within
Where reaching bottom
Is not obtainable
For His love is and always will be
Without measure.


May the seeds of righteousness
be dispersed by God.
Planted in fertile soil
and watered by His Word.
Bloom where you are planted
As you are carried by the wind of His Spirit.


Sometimes Holy Ghost boldness
Breaks forth like fireworks
With beautiful colors
and piercing light
in the darkness of spiritual night.
Wait upon the Lord.


Every man is invited
Go and tell
For you Christ has died
And rose again.
Beautifully Redeemed
Receive the gift of salvation


Father God, grant justice to those who have been wronged.
May the cry of the unborn be the joyous laugh of a precious new life
received and welcomed into this world.
In Jesus name.
Psalm 34:15


EVERY child that is not allowed to be born
Is an aborted purpose that was meant to bless mankind.
God does not make mistakes
Every life matters.
Psalm 139

The Way

Love made a Way.
His name is Jesus Christ.
Sorrow no more.
The King of Glory has risen.
We are redeemed.
Set Free from every prison.
Salvation granted to all who would call upon His name.
He who is risen from the grave.
The Messiah, Jesus Christ.


Beauty within
only fades as we walk away
from the Light of Christ
that is within us.

Stay the course.
There is light just ahead.

The End of the Matter 

If we kneel
Yet in our hearts
We stand
Standing against the call of His Spirit
We shall fall.
Every knee shall bow
To He who sits on the throne.
And every tongue shall confess to God.


The boat abandoned
Yet seaworthy still
A patch to the hull
Made from a tree
Splintered and rough
From Calvary's tree.

As Seen

"Beauty" she said,
I see nothing but beauty.
Amongst the dead.
Growing still
Those who have risen
beyond their own reasoning
And have believed the words which
Christ has said.

The darkness came
Yet, the Light Arose


She with the golden skin
She was blind to our faults
Wrapped her wild hair
In the kindness of others
As we gazed at her from afar.

The Science of Art

A mass of corpuscles
Collide amongst the ebb and
Flow of tendons and muscles
Under the microscope of
Artistic sight.

Silent the drift came in
Rosy red
Parting the atmosphere
Shadowed yet concrete
The imagery appeared

Never Alone 

Love is colorless
Yet God has made a rainbow of people,
The rainbows end,
the treasure found,
Culminating in His Son,
Jesus Christ.

Possibly today.
You will look and see,
That you were
NEVER alone.

Prayer - Thank You

Father as the day ends
Thank you for the gift of this day.
Thank you for kindness given
and kindness received.
Thank you for joy and for your peace.
As we lay our burdens down and lay at your feet
May our sleep give refreshment as we rise
With the new mercy given for tomorrow.
In Jesus name.

Prayer of Blessing

As the sun rises on this new day given.
May your joy double and your wisdom increase.
In Jesus name.

© 2020 Debbie Turner Chavers

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