December 12, 2022

Your Gift Matters

© 2016 Debbie Turner Chavers
Water-Man Series

I want to encourage you in the LORD concerning the gift and sharing of your purpose in Christ Jesus while you are living in your appointed time on this Earth.

Perhaps your gift is hospitality. Perhaps it is the creative arts, singing, writing, cooking, helps, or one of the many gifts I have not written here.

Often we admire another persons gift yet demean or act dismissive toward our own gifting. Yet your gift is as unique as your finger print. This is a marvelous thing. 

Yes, you have been created for such a time as this. Use your gift. 

Offer it unto the LORD. Whatever large, small, fractured or whole gifting you possess. 

Give it to God.

Human reasoning would deter us. Yet the Holy Spirit prompts us to give whatever gift we have been given, to share it, to lay it at the feet of Christ.

Every time I meet difficulty or darkness, the Holy Spirit says “praise”. This will mean a purposeful immediate response to obey. I pick up a tambourine, sing, or speak forth the Word of God to move forward in the call.  The Holy Spirit is ever wooing us, reminding us, drawing us in the LORD.

Do not ignore His Prompt. Your footsteps are ordered of the Lord. Move forward.

I am always reminded of Paul and Silas (Acts 16) when He prompts me to praise. There is always a prison of some sort seeking to lock us away, to deter, to shut us down. 

May we ever be found faithfully obeying God who opens and sends forth angels to open all prison doors that have enclosed God’s children. In Jesus name. Amen. 

Every captive set free, in Jesus Christ.

~ Debbie🌻

© 1996  Debbie Turner Chavers
Luke 4:18

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Scripture references taken from the KJV 
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