June 05, 2017


Genesis Chapter 1-2, And God Said, Let There Be
© 2004 Debbie Turner Chavers
Art Parable

The majority of people do not realize the importance of their daily actions.
Therefore a spirit of excellence can be diminished by a lack of knowledge.
The knowledge, that we were created for purpose.
That our destiny and purpose is eternal.
Do not allow a misled or poor mindset to rob you of the benefit of living your life with excellence.
We need to see ourselves and our daily walk in this world as important.
I want to remind you and encourage you to post this reminder somewhere where it becomes settled in your heart and mind.
I have painted it on a small decorative plaque on display in my kitchen.

Remember everything you do today is important and makes an eternal difference. 
You are loved and were born for such a time as this.
God does not make mistakes.
His ways are perfect and planned.
You were part of His plan.  Psalm 139

Everything done or not done has eternal consequences.
If you keep this in mind as you live your daily life you will begin to see the smallest things
connect to a life well lived.

Practical example...dirty dishes.
Dirty dishes can be a sign that there was nourishment provided and eaten.
The cleaning up gives you an opportunity to show another the value of taking care of what has been provided by God.
The putting away of the dishes shows a sense of order to those watching your actions.

Each action we take is an opportunity to do what we do as unto the LORD, with purpose and excellence.

Our spirit man thrives with order.
God made us in His image and He has order and purpose as He creates.
Read Genesis 1and 2 for an example.

I am asking you, as well as myself to be thoughtful and thankful.
To remember...to think on...
Everything you do today is important and makes an eternal difference.


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