December 03, 2015

Memorial Poem: When You Think of Me


Even now, it is still difficult to write this, to say out loud that a dear brother and brother-in-law has left this life to be with Jesus forever more. We as his family are comforted knowing he is safely in heaven, yet miss his unique input in all our lives.  Mark's oldest daughter, Heather Chavers James has written a poem to share with our families as we had the first of many holidays without his ridiculous sense of humor.  We all lend a unique perspective of life during our lifetime.  Mark's ability to make my husband laugh was a gift. A gift of agreement between two brothers on the ridiculousness of life and living.
I grieve the loss of this bond between my husband and his younger brother, but I thank God for the fellowship of fights wrestled through, arguments settled and laughter that rang sweet and true.



When You Think of Me
written by Heather Chavers James
A Memorial Poem for her Daddy

Each year as the holiday season nears,
I know that you’ll think of me and struggle through tears.

Please don’t be overwhelmed with grief,
May your sorrow and sadness only be brief.

Remember me as you feel the wind blow,
And early at dawn when the roosters crow.

May the aroma of fresh coffee remind you of me,
Along with the morning dew on the fig tree.

As the sun shimmers down on the garden at noon,
Know that the gift I was given, didn’t happen too soon.

In the evening as fireflies dance through the trees,
Never forget our battles are won on our knees.

Let the glistening stars on the water at night,
Reassure your heart that all of this is right.

Quiet your soul. Listen. Be still.
Your Father is waiting to make your aching heart filled.

After all of my struggle and fighting to be,
I finally accepted the love He was offering me.

I am covered in His feathers, under His wings I found rest.
He kept His promise to me, all I had to do was say yes.

This bird is crafted from a shirt that I used to wear.
May it bring you comfort and make this burden easier to bear.

Please perch this bird high in your tree each year,
As you reminisce on our memories, may they keep me near.

Each time that you notice it, think of me.
Know that I’m loved, I rest, and I’m finally free. 

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