November 10, 2016

10 Minute Creative

Until a few years ago, I never had the time or privilege of painting for any length of time . I would paint or draw at random moments in the midst of a very busy life during the raising of my three children. In the beginning, I was hesitant to get started on a painting. I never felt that I could manage to paint anything of value if I did not spend an enormous amount of time on the creation of the painting. But desire overcame my self- imposed obstacles. Little by little I practiced creating.

Daily practice is a wonderful way to improve ones vision and technique toward what you are trying to convey to others through painting. I started "practicing" many years ago and I am still learning daily how to convey what I "see".
It still amazes me the varied hues and saturation of color that I see in the world around me.

Once I started painting my world changed as I began to "see" the world as a place of infinite colors.
My initial response toward the commitment of painting on a regular schedule was astonishing.
I started to "see" the landscape, the light on an object, the colors in shadows. It was as though I was suddenly sighted after being blind. Daily practice is a way for you to grow as an artist and to nurture your creative spirit.
The 10 minute start can be used for writing, painting, cleaning, exercising, the list goes on and on.
The point is to develop a habit toward the practice of your given creativity.
So if a blank canvas is intimidating.  Use the 10 minute rule to move forward.
What moves YOU?

Gardening and taking a walk in the woods or listening to the sound of moving water inspires me.
Viewing beauty can inspire me.  The sound of joyful laughter. Instrumental music.
The point is to find what inspires you and use that to move you forward.
A ten minute spark-to jump start you on your journey forward.

If you think you do not have the time to practice, consider trying my quick start process.
Give yourself 10 minutes a day toward giving the world a window into your creative outlook.
Ten minutes may seem absurd, but if you get started you will be amazed with your progress.

Try this schedule for a quick start toward productivity and artistic growth.
Spend the first 10 minutes thinking through your concept of what you want to accomplish.
The second day, a quick sketch.
The third day, choice your media and colors.
The fourth day, apply your first stroke of genius.
Well, you get the picture.
Now show it to the rest of us.

Keep in mind, an oak tree started as a very small acorn.

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