September 29, 2016


© 1999 Debbie Turner Chavers
Joshua 24:15

It began simply enough. A directive followed by a reply, " But I don't want to.."
There was not an argument, nor was there much else to say once the clear direction of a stated intention was made known.
But I don't want to..
The words had been stated emphatically, by one who knew their own mind.
A mind that is still growing, still in the process of learning the effect of decisions.
I had spent many hours of helping, of showing a clear way, of setting a disciplined example, and yet the age old struggle.

The one who was learning a life lesson, taught me something.

A clear course of action had been instituted and many encouragements given.
I had said, "You are not a quitter", "You CAN do this" " Nothing is ever accomplished if you don't try. Just try."

After all of my efforts and encouragement, I experienced a moment of clarity that was delivered with the emphatic reply of a four year old.
She stated succinctly, "But I don't want to", as she threw herself backwards in the chair..away from the goal in front of her.

Ah! I thought, "There it is!"

From a small child to the grave each individual is in the life changing process of choice.
As a child we are generally presented choices that are age appropriate. If a child's "want to" is not matured enough to agree, then there is wiggle room in the choosing.

But all choosers are not 4!

There are adults in our lives who have not matured in their chronological age and are still pushing past all established boundaries with emphatic life statements and life choices of "But I don't want to.."

If after our best efforts are met with " But I don't want to.." My first response personally is prayer and then action.
I have learned that no amount of "teaching" will ever be absorbed by an unwilling pupil.
I don't want to...means "I don't want to..

Gain your life back, take your time back, sow somewhere else.
The world is a huge field of opportunity.
Obviously the majority of us are not teachers by trade.
Yet, everyone is learning and teaching someone and something everyday.
Our lifestyles and our choices set examples and give a witness in this world of who we are and what we value.
So the next time you meet a brick wall of opposition...consider the role you are choosing. Pupil or Teacher?


Ecclesiastes 11:1 Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.

© 1999 Debbie Turner Chavers
1 Corinthians 6:12
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