May 27, 2016

Adopt: A Home For Timmy

Picture taken from Rich Faith Rising blog

Today I want to encourage someone to adopt Timmy. Timmy is a 12 year old young man who has an excellent attitude and an interest in art and life. In China a child must be adopted before the age of 14.
Timmy's Chinese name is Taotao and he needs a forever home now. There are funds available to help toward the cost of adoption for Timmy. There is a $5,000 grant available from the Baobei Foundation and $2,000 from the Jeff Knipe family.
When Timmy was asked if he wanted a permanent family, he replied "I would love too but one has not shown up yet."
Is this child yours? Is he the child that is missing at your family table? If he is, he is waiting. Don't start dinner without him.

Those who have worked with Timmy and have helped him are amazed at his perseverance and wonderful attitude.
*Timmy was born in 2003 in the Hunan Providence. He was abandoned shortly after he was born and has lived at a welfare center called Spring Service Center Sunbird Home in HengYang City (湖南省衡阳市春天服务中心太阳鸟之家ICC)  his entire life.
In 2015 Timmy became ill and was diagnosed with a large brain tumor. Since that time he has been operated on to remove the tumor and has regained his many of his gross and fine motor skills. He has re-learned how to walk and talk, functions which were damaged by the tumor. He is now walking around unassisted and he has re-learned how to feed himself, speak in complete sentences, and read and write Chinese well.
Timmy (Taotao)

Timmy's artwork
Picture taken from Olivia's Place blog entry

I am putting the links with more information about Timmy from where I read about him a few days ago. Click on to two links listed to be taken to those pages.

Rich Faith Rising website. Questions about Timmy? Contact Jen via email:

Olivia's Place Questions about Timmy? Contact Laura via email:

Another bit from the Baobei Foundation about Timmy from Feb. 2015

ASTOUNDING! - At Baobei we have seen time and again how genuine love and care can be a critical part of the healing process and can lead to miraculous results. Even so, we continue to be astounded anew every time we see this in action. Shanghai native, Alicia, and her mother spent their Chinese New Year holiday lavishing motherly and grandmotherly care on Taotao and gently supporting him through post-surgical therapy. You may remember only one month ago Taotao was on the verge of death, and only two and a half weeks ago Taotao was largely unresponsive and immobile after removal of a large brain tumor. Now, after ample doses of encouragement, lots of gentle nudging, and endless reading sessions by Alicia, her mom, and other volunteers, Taotao has flourished emotionally and regained much of his gross and fine motor skills. He is now feeding himself, speaking in complete sentences, reading and writing Chinese again, walking around unassisted, and laughing and joking every chance he gets. He has also discovered a new interest--Chinese weiqi.  We have lots to learn from this good-natured, courageous, cooperative, fun-loving, humorous and positive boy who says at each stage of his recovery, "Let me try. I need to challenge myself." Thank you to Alicia, her mom, Liz, Jessica, Jeannette, Brooke, Jingyi, Thomas, Michael and the many other volunteers who have been part of Taotao's remarkable recovery.

Timmy playing Weiqi
Feb. 2015
Picture taken from 
Baobei Foundation website

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